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Ka-pow’s Tour season – Results

Results of all of Ka-pow’s games throughout the tour season (write-up to follow):

UKUTour1 London Calling:
Loss v Fire 2 (13-11), Win v BAF (15-9), Win v Cambridge (15-9), Win v DED (13-7), Win v Bear Cavalry (11-9), Win v Cota Rica (15-8)
Finishing position: 9th

UKUTour2 (Nottingham):
Loss v Clapham (15-10), Loss v Ranelagh …

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Ka-Pow! at Fog Lane Cup (11th/12th May)

Coming off the back of last month’s triumph at DED Warmup, Ka-Pow! travelled to Chippenham to test themselves against some of the best British ultimate had to offer. Due to a number of factors including injuries, Tom’s Tourney, GB beach training and transport malfunctions Ka-Pow! had a small squad of 11 on the Saturday of …

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Ka-pow! at the DED Warmup (14th April, 2013)

After a hard day’s training on Saturday Ka-Pow! showed up to the DED warmup hoping to build on our unbeaten record at the tournament from the year before. Despite the absence of a few key players, the presence of gale force winds, and massive roster turnover from last year, we were quietly confident of retaining …

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Ultimate Interviews: David Pichler (20th December, 2012)

Pichler was interviewed by Mark Earley over at Ultimate Interviews. Read more here: Pichler

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Kapow! Trials Writeup (1st/2nd December, 2012)

Saturday: Evaluating skills, capacities and athletic ability

Four returning players were charged with evaluation of the participants.

Pichler was looking at offensive receiving/upfield play which included huck receiving in the first major drill and cutting/throwing a continuation break in the second major drill.
Smatt was looking at defense which included defending hucks, and then a …

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