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#kapow2014 Trial 1 Wrapup


19th-20th January, 2014


It was just after midday on Saturday, when around 50 trialists started lacing up whilst watching the dying minutes of the football games which were on the 3G at Bacon’s College before us.

The 2014 captain Richard ‘Pringle’ Taylor addressed all the trialists, gave a basic rundown of what the …

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Ka-Pow! 2014 Season: Applications/Trials

Can you run as fast as The Flash? Can you leap tall buildings in a single bound?
Can you throw a Hammer like Thor?

Then Ka-Pow! Ultimate may be the club for you.

Ka-Pow! finished 2013 ranked 17th in Europe and were Spirit winners at both UKU
Nationals and xEUCF. In 2014 we aim to …

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Kapow! Trials Writeup (1st/2nd December, 2012)

Saturday: Evaluating skills, capacities and athletic ability

Four returning players were charged with evaluation of the participants.

Pichler was looking at offensive receiving/upfield play which included huck receiving in the first major drill and cutting/throwing a continuation break in the second major drill.
Smatt was looking at defense which included defending hucks, and then a …

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