Winter League

teams gathering after hot night playing ultimate frisbee

Ka-Pow! Winter Hat League is returning for its second run. This autumn and winter, we are hosting anyone (Male or Female matching) who wants something to do with their Thursday evenings. The format will be ultimate that allows for lots of disc touches, friends being made and lots of running (trying to keep that holiday weight at bay).

General Information

The league will run from 5 October 2023 to 28 March 2024 and will be comprised of 4 seasons. A season will last 5 weeks and each week will be 2, 45 minute games.
Games will be played in the 5-on-5 sub-on-the-fly style (more in the rule details below).

You can sign up for a single season (£30), or multiple seasons and we’ll provide you a discount for doing so (i.e. 4 Seasons costs £100 = £25/season). You will play with the same team for the entirety of the season and then each season, everyone’s name goes back into the hat and we’ll shuffle the teams again.

Playing Info

  • Format: Mixed-Gender Hat League, 5-on-5 sub-on-the-fly style
  • Times: Thursday evenings, 6-8 pm.
  • Location: Bacons College Turf Fields
  • Age: 18+ years old.
  • Skill Level: All adult players are welcome!
  • Seasons
    • Season 1: 12 Oct – 9 Nov (This is now full)
    • Season 2: 16 Nov – 14 Dec (This is now full)
    • Season 3: 11 Jan – 8 Feb (This is now full)
    • Season 4: 15 Feb – 14 Mar


Please complete the form below and let us know if you have any questions at . Once you’ve completed the form, you have the pleasure of owing us money.
Depending on how many seasons you’ve registered for – you will owe us different amounts. We have provided several ways to get that money to us below the registration form

Payment Options

Bank Transfer

Name: Kapow Ultimate Frisbee
Sort Code: 60-03-36
Account Number: 8147 4156
Account Type: Business

In-Person at the Fields
  • We will always accept cash – our mamas taught us right.
  • We will also have a card reader at the fields, however, we will charge a 3% premium to cover the cost of us having a card reader on site. So, send us money ahead of time and save yourself the money.

The Rules

This is a mixed-gender league so teams will be required to work out the gender split for each game before hand. However, at least 1 female matching player must be on the pitch for both teams at all times.

Some specific rules for the league. You probably haven’t played this style of 5-on-5 before so pay attention:

  1. Games are to 21 points with a point cap at 21. Time cap is 45 mins.
    1. If neither team has reached 21 points at the 45 min mark, finish the current point. If the score is then tied, play one more.
    2. Each team has 1 timeout per game. Subs are allowed during a timeout but the person who called the timeout cannot sub.
    3. Half-time occurs when the first team reaches 11. There is no break, but teams switch ends and re-pull.
    4. Hard-cap goes on 5 minutes before 8pm. Teams must be completely off the fields by 8pm.
      1. When you hear “Hard Cap” add 1 to the highest team’s score and play to that number. I.e. if it is 18 – 16 and hard cap goes off, the first to 19 wins.
  2. Stall counts are to 8. Normal Delay of Game rules apply (count-downs from 16 and 8).
  3. There is no pull after a point. When a team scores, the receiving player acknowledges the goal and immediately places the disc on the ground. The other team has 8 seconds to take possession and put the disc into play at that spot (they cannot walk the disc to the goal line).
  4. Players substitute on the fly. The designated sub zone is at the midline of the field, 10m in length, marked by cones. Every player entering the field must “high five” the outgoing player on the sideline before entering the field.
  5. At the beginning of a game, both teams line up at the back of the end zone for the initial pull.
  6. When a team gains possession in their endzone:
    1. if the disc left the field of play, the disc can be put into play on the perimeter line where it crossed, or brought to the front of the endzone at the point closest to where it crossed the perimeter line.
    2. If the disc did not leave the field of play and came to rest in the endzone, it is put into play where it came to rest.

Gender Match Ups

  • At the beginning of the game, the team that wins the flip will decide the gender split for that half (i.e. 4 males, 1 female or 3 males, 2 female etc.).
    • The second half will be determined by the other team and it will remain constant until that half ends.
  • If you are unable to meet the required gender split, the opposing team will start the half with +7 points. If teams are kind and wish to lend female matches while late comers are arriving they can choose to forgo the point penalty.
  • At least 1 female matching player must be on the pitch for both teams at all times. If your team is unable to meet this you are allowed to play with the max number of male matching players for that half (i.e. 4 or 3)