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Ka-Pow! Ultimate travel to Tom’s Tourney 2014 – Captain’s Report

On a sunny day in May, 14 intrepid Ka-Powsters made their way to Brugge to compete amongst some of Europe’s top teams at Tom’s Tourney. This would be their first chance to play together this season, to try out some new plays, for some it would be their first chance to play against some foreign […]

Ka-Pow! at London Regionals, 2013

  With the Tour season ending on a high, Ka-pow! were looking to maintain their momentum at London Regionals. Featuring a squad almost at full strength and in high spirits, the team looked to finish the day filling one of the top-five berths that would guarantee a place at Nationals. Game 1: Jekyll and Hyde […]

Ka-pow! at the DED Warmup (14th April, 2013)

After a hard day’s training on Saturday Ka-Pow! showed up to the DED warmup hoping to build on our unbeaten record at the tournament from the year before. Despite the absence of a few key players, the presence of gale force winds, and massive roster turnover from last year, we were quietly confident of retaining […]