Ka-Pow! 2014 Roster Revealed!

We had two weekends of intense trials and we are very excited to finally announce the players which will be donning the graphic novel kit this year.
2014 Squad

Richard ‘Pringle’ Taylor (Captain)
Jonny Clark (D captain)
Adam Maxwell
Alex Mazzon
Chris ‘Bruteshot’ Birkinshaw
David ‘Pichler’ Pichler
Hermann Kaser
Jake Warren
James Threadgill
Jim ‘JimJim’ Jagger
John ‘Maddox’ Maddox
Kyle McCurdy
Luka Banovic
Matt Dathan
Matt ‘Smatt’ Hodgson
Mike Guise
Nick Roberts
Pedro Vargas
Phil Sandwell
Richard ‘Macca’ Macleod
Sam Jones
Seb ‘Shabba’ Shapland
Tim Sanders

Will Martin

In addition to these players we have decided to take on an additional number of players to form our Training squad. This is a new addition to the Ka-Pow! Ultimate structure. We have selected these players on merit and would like them to join in with our training sessions, to improve them, and to push the players on the squad above to be better. For more information, click the link below.
Training Squad
Duncan Tarrant
Eddy van der Kloot
Fred Shone
Larry Caines
Rien De Keyser
Oscar Modiano
Will Caldwell
Will Smith
Our first training as a squad will be on the 15th March! It’s going to be a great season!

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