Ka-Pow! 2023 Trials

Ka-Pow! Is gearing up for the 2023 summer season but in order to do that we need players to gear up alongside us. Coming out of the 2022 season – goals are shifting for Ka-Pow! but some things remain the same: We are trying to have as much fun as possible while also trying to run faster, jump higher and laugh harder.

We are putting these tournaments on the calendar this year thus far but anticipate a couple more potentials:

  • UKU Open Ranking Event (Don’t call it tour though)
  • Tom’s Tourney (Belgium)
  • Windfarm (England)
  • Windmill (Need to secure a bid because lord knows its hard to get into)
  • UKU National Playoffs
  • [ASPIRE] UKU Nationals
  • [POTENTIAL] A Beach tournament somewhere, because, why not?

We are hosting 2 trials:

  • 26 March: 12 – 2pm
  • 1 April: 12 – 4pm

They will be hosted at Bacons College 3G Turf. Everyone interesting in playing with us are encouraged to join both dates but if you can only make one, that’s cool too.

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